Tattoo Removal

Clearstone Laser Hair Removal and Medical Spa offers experienced, affordable and effective removal of unwanted tattoos. We offer free consultations and use the latest protocols and industry leading technology to attain the very best results.

The Leading Tattoo Removal Treatment Provider

The Latest Method – R20 Tattoo Removal

The R20 tattoo removal method is an innovative approach to treating unwanted tattoos through the sequencing of a series of treatments 20 minutes apart on a client. Research indicates that this treatment protocol can increase clearing of a tattoo and not increase the risks or complications associated with the use of a q-switched laser.

To perform the R20 tattoo removal method, a client will be informed that the method for treating their tattoo involves shattering the ink in the dermal layer of the skin, partially through the absorption of pulses of light energy as well as a photo-acoustic effect, both of which cause the tattoo ink to shatter. The normal spacing of treatments 6 to 8 weeks apart is designed to allow time for the immune system response that follows the laser procedure to “flush away” the shattered ink. In the R20 method, treatment after treatment are performed to allow a maximum of shattered to occur, with 3 months or more of post-treatment spacing, to see optimal results.

The 20 minutes of waiting are in important part of the process. This time allows the laser “frosting”, “laser snow” or “whitening” that occurs in response to a q-switched laser treatment to subside, thus preventing the future pulses of energy from being blocked by this impediment. Clearstone is working hard to find the best topical solution to place upon the skin following each treatment to help shorten the duration of time between sessions.

One often-undiscussed element of laser tattoo removal is the optimal period between patient visits. Most clients wait somewhere between 4 weeks and 8 weeks between treatments. The primary goal of waiting has traditionally been the need for the skin to heal in between sessions. The secondary goal has been to allow the body time to “flush away” the ink that has been shattered by the laser.

Research on the R20 Method, combined with our own experience, has shown increased clearance rates of up to 75% three months post one treatment when compared to the traditional method of treatment.

The Right Technology

We maintain the most comprehensive Q-switched laser technology – allowing us to effectively treat all ink types and skin types. Clearstone offers high powered Q-switched Nd: YAG (1064 nm), KTP (532 nm), and Alexandrite (755 nm) lasers. We couple our laser technology with the most aggressive cooling system on the marketplace – the Zimmer Cryo 6. Taken together, we provide excellent protection to the skin while also providing the highest levels of tattoo removal.

Houston’s Leading Experts

With an on-site medical director and laser safety officer, Clearstone’s laser technicians have performed tens of thousands of laser treatments. Tattoo removal is a complex process, especially as a wide range of inks and skin types create for a large number of possible complications if not treated correctly. Clearstone’s staff maintains the expertise and has performed the magnitude of treatments necessary to offer safe and effective treatments.


Just like our laser removal pricing, Clearstone maintains its value added approach by combining affordability with the most advanced laser technology and highly trained and certified staff. We offer business card sized Wednesdays, where any tattoo that is about the size of a business card is just $69 per treatment. Contact us to find out more regarding pricing for other sizes.


Many of our clients report little to no discomfort after we numb the skin and apply continual cooling with our Zimmer Cryo-6. In addition, our on-site physician can administer local anesthetic if preferred to completely alleviate any discomfort. In addition, Clearstone provides each patient with thorough post treatment care instructions to help facilitate the removal process.