Laser Hair Removal


Clearstone maintains an unwavering dedication to utilizing the most proven technology within our industry.

Our Alexandrite & Nd: YAG laser systems enable us to safely treat all skin types while also providing the greatest degree of comfort with our Zimmer Cooling Systems. Now, you can enjoy the lifestyle of lasting smooth skin and the convenience of no longer having to shave.

Katy Moms Network Laser Hair Removal Testimonial
Fitness Trainer Prefers Laser Hair Removal Over Waxing or Shaving

We are unique in our process of providing an uncompromised level of care.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

1. Permanently Reduces Hair

Coupling our laser platform with our highly trained, and certified laser professionals we offer superior results that permanently reduces unwanted hair. Once our guests complete an average of 6-9 treatments spaced roughly 10 weeks apart, permanent hair reduction of roughly 85-99% can be achieved.

2. Helps Prevent Ingrown Hair

Hirsutism refers to excessive, male like hair growth, particularly in the facial and chest regions. And while hirsutism may occur in both men and women, it is typically of greater concern to women given the areas that are most commonly affected.

Hirsutism may be a symptom of a larger and more serious medical condition.  While Clearstone Laser Hair Removal serves our guests by alleviating the frustration of unwanted hair, we do not provide diagnosis or treatment to any potential underlining medical condition. As such, if a guest shall present with hirsutism, we’ll certainly recommend laser hair removal, but also provide a referral to an internal medical physician to provide a comprehensive care and treatment plan.  Guests that experience hirsutism commonly have a history of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or certain thyroid conditions.

3. A Treatment for Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

Pseudo folliculitis is the inflammation of ingrown hair and can result in pustules which resemble acne. While predominately seen in men of African American decent, pseudo folliculitis affects both men and women and can form almost anywhere on the body that is routinely shaved. Laser Hair Removal provides the ideal solution. By ridding the area of its unwanted hair, your skin will be free from the constant attack of curly ingrown hair.

4. A Treatment for Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris “KP” is a common skin condition often referred to as “chicken skin” and primarily affects the area surrounding the triceps. While laser hair removal is not a treatment for curing KP, people have experienced positive results in temporarily reducing the appearance of KP after treating the area for unwanted hair. The formation of Keratosis folliculitis, where hair becomes susceptible to tiny follicular papules, is greatly reduced by the elimination of hair growth. As a result, the area becomes clearer and smoother as the aggravated hair follicles are destroyed.  Additionally, generalized heating of the dermis, as provided for by laser hair removal, may in and of itself aid in the healing process of skin impacted by KP.

5. Achieve Smoother Skin

In addition to forgoing benefits, laser hair removal is an exceptional method to increase self-confidence and live an even more active lifestyle. In fact, the convenience, effectiveness, and appeal of smooth skin is recognized by triathletes, swimmers, runners, cyclists, body builders, and beach goers alike. Laser hair removal is a great way to keep yourself active and ready to participate in all of life’s great adventures.

It’s important to also note that Hirsutism, Pseudofolliculitis and Keratosis Pilaris may be a symptom of a larger and more serious medical condition. And while Clearstone Laser Hair Removal serves our guests by alleviating the frustration of unwanted hair, we do not diagnose or treat any underlining medical conditions. It is always best to consult with your doctor or physician if treatments are right for you.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal


    What is laser hair removal?

    Laser hair removal is the application of a concentrated beam of light (laser) to keep unwanted hair from returning.  The mechanism of action is achieved by a thermal effect, whereby light is used to heat up the stem cells responsible for the growth and development of a hair follicle, leading to their destruction, and thereby making it impossible for a new hair follicle to form. When the energy application along with the time of its application is balanced correctly, laser hair removal offers the ideal means to achieve safe and permanent hair reduction.

    Once we destroy a hair follicle, that hair follicle will never return. However, it is unlikely that we will destroy 100% of all hair follicles.  Any remaining hair will be much lighter and thinner, requiring less attention than before.  New hair follicles may also form, albeit not those that were previously destroyed.  For that reason, many individuals elect an annual maintenance session to maintain their desired results.

    What laser system do you use?

    Clearstone uses EpiCare-Zenith System – the most sophisticated and technically advanced FDA approved Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser system available today. Our lasers offer the greatest degree of control over how the energy is applied to your skin, allowing us to provide a unique safety margin without sacrificing effectiveness.

    We couple our lasers with the most optimal cooling method available – the Zimmer Cryo 6. The Zimmer applies cold hair at roughly negative 18 degrees Celsius, and does a remarkable job maintaining consistency in temperature throughout the duration of a laser hair removal procedure.

    Every feature of our devices is thoughtfully designed for maximum efficacy ensuring the highest quality and value for our guests.

    How effective is Laser Hair Removal?
    Clinical studies show that with the right laser platform coupled with a learned practitioner, permanent hair reduction of roughly 85-99% can be achieved, with about 6 to 9 treatments. There are, however, many different factors that can influence the effectiveness of treatment. Such things include hair color and coarseness, skin tone as well as hormonal changes and other genetic considerations. As such, some clients will require a few additional treatments in order to achieve their personal level of desired results. We guarantee the satisfaction of all our customers through The Clearstone Advantage.
    How is the procedure performed?

    Guests are provided with a thorough complimentary consultation prior to beginning their laser hair removal treatments. Technicians will supply you with specialized eyewear designed specifically for our laser systems. Treatment parameters will be carefully selected based on skin type and hair characteristics.

    Diagramming treatment areas may be required. Once settings have been chosen, the laser coupled with our Zimmer will be assembled to begin your laser hair removal treatment.

    How many treatments will I need?
    Hair grows in three cycles, but can only be effectively treated during its Anagen (active) state of growth. As such, additional treatments are needed so that each follicle can be treated during the correct growth phase. Typical number of treatments ranges from 6 to 9, roughly 10 weeks apart, with about 2% of our clients only needing 2 treatments. For more information, please visit Pre and Post Treatment Considerations.
    How soon will I see results?
    Immediately. The treated hair follicles have been destroyed and will no longer return, leaving them to fall out naturally between 10-14 days after treatment. You will also see a noticeable difference. After series of treatments the hair will appear thinner, finer and growing less frequently. Many people will shave the hairs as they begin to surface; although, we will provide written instruction on our innovative method to further the advancement of smooth skin post procedure. For more information, please visit Pre and Post Treatment Considerations.
    Is Laser Hair Removal painful?
    You will most likely feel a tingling, stinging or rubber band snapping sensation. Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, while most guests tolerate the procedure very well. For highly sensitive areas, some feel more of a quick pinching feeling, but don’t find it too bothersome – especially when compared to the pain of waxing! We don’t need to use numbing creams, rather our Zimmer Cooling modality will be used to chill the epidermis throughout the treatment. It’s the best cooling technology available today. If you are feeling any discomfort during or after the procedure, please let your technician know so that we may adjust as needed in our effort to achieve a safe and effective treatment without undesirable side effects.
    Does Laser Hair Removal work on all skin types and hair colors?
    We can safely and effectively treat all skin types. Laser hair removal works best on light-skinned individuals with dark hair. Certain hair will not respond to laser treatment – we cannot treat white or grey hairs, for example. Blonde and red hair will respond to our laser, but not to the same degree as darker hair colors. For an effective treatment, your hair must be darker than your skin.
    What areas of the body do your customers normally seek treatment?
    We regularly treat all areas of the body for both men and women. Popular areas include underarms, legs, chest, facial, arms, bikini and more! We do not treat areas underneath tattoos and the around or near the eyelids. Please look at our Full Body Illustration page.
    What if I want to just simply reduce the amount of hair on my body?
    Particularly relevant to men, hair reduction from just 2 or 3 treatments provides the solution of excessive hair on areas such as legs, chest, abs and arms – although, especially those engaged in sports, seek complete removal in those areas too.
    How long does a treatment take?
    Treatment times vary according to size of area to be treated, but generally, most areas are covered in a matter of minutes. Back, chest/abs, or legs are finished in roughly 15-20 minutes. A full body treatment may take up to 2 to 3 hours, depending on the total areas being treated.
    How should I prepare for my treatment?
    Please give a close shave to the area 24 hours before your appointment. Make sure to have cleaned the area and to keep it free from any lotions, creams, or fragrances. If we’re treating the underarms, avoid using deodorant prior to your arrival, or we can provide an opportunity to remove it prior to treatment as well as provide an antiperspirant post treatment. For more information, please see Pre and Post Treatment Considerations.
    Do you sell packages?
    Absolutely not! At Clearstone, we never insist on upfront payment for numerous treatments. Other providers may sell packages for fear that you’d never come back. But not us…we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with each treatment you receive. It’s impossible to tell exactly how many treatments will be required at the onset – so why pay for a treatment package of 10 when all you may need is 4 or 5? Ask about our various modified options that is custom tailored to fit the needs of your laser hair removal treatments. Toss out that old razor and don’t miss out on amazing Current Specials!
    Is Laser Hair Removal safe?
    Yes. Our FDA approved laser platform is specially chosen for its safety and efficacy. Clearstone’s team of laser professionals are highly trained through quality education through the Texas Laser Institute. Each one of our technicians are disciplined in proper procedures, protocols ensuring safe and effective methods for reducing unwanted hair. Side effects, other than short-term redness of the area treated, are exceptionally rare and are almost always temporary in nature. However, as with any treatments, you must know all potential side effects. For more information, please see Pre and Post Treatment Considerations.
    Do you back up your services with a guarantee?
    We are confident in our ability to rid you of unwanted hair and stand behind our promise. As such, we’ve created The Clearstone AdvantageSM – the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee. Join thousands of happy, loyal Cleartone guests enjoying the lifestyle of lasting smooth skin and the convenience of no longer having to shave. Try Clearstone Laser Hair Removal treatments today. No hairs attached – just happiness guaranteed!
    What is your philosophy on privacy and modesty?
    Your privacy and safety are of the utmost importance to us. As such, your name, contact information and/or treatments will NEVER be disclosed to anyone. Moreover, records of treatment areas and customer names are separated using a unique client number. We ensure the highest level of comfort. We treat one area at a time, and with your regular clothing remaining in place for all areas not being actively treated. In addition, we use warm blankets and modesty towels to cover nearby areas during treatment.
    Does Clearstone Laser Hair Removal offer FREE consultations?
    Absolutely! All our consultations are free and at no cost to you. During consultation, we can discuss the benefits of our technology, ensure that you are a proper candidate for laser hair removal, and go over important steps to best prepare prior to your appointment. If at the time of your appointment we cannot perform the treatment safely and/or with proper efficacy, we’ll either reschedule or inform you of why treatment will not be appropriate in the future. Our highly skilled, licensed Professional Technicians are standing by to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Don’t wait. Maximize your results by starting your laser hair removal treatment today! Call Clearstone at 832-460-4200 or email us at for a complimentary consultation.

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