The Clearstone Advantage

With over 25,000 treatments performed, our guests have experienced results after only one treatment session. It’s no wonder why so many of our guests prefer Clearstone than any other medical spas.

The Clearstone Advantage

We stand behind our promise to provide an unsurpassed level of value with additional savings from our already very affordable pricing through The Clearstone AdvantageSM. With us, you’ll receive touch-up treatments, indefinitely, at 50% off our regular prices. This guarantee is made possible by the confidence we have in our superior laser technology and our highly-trained laser professionals.

As detailed in The Science of Laser Hair Removal section, studies show that most guests will require an average of 4-6 treatments to reach the desired results of 85-99% permanent hair reduction. There are numerous factors that influence the effectiveness of treatments. Among these are hair coarseness, hair color, skin tone, individualized safety parameters, and tolerance. But that’s what makes The Clearstone Advantage so valuable.


We Stand Behind Our Promise

As everybody responds differently to treatment, some people may need a few additional touch-up sessions to attain their desired results. At Clearstone Laser Hair Removal, after a fixed number of treatments – just 6 treatments for skin types treated with our Alexandrite Laser Systems and just 9 for skin types treated with our Nd: YAG Laser Systems – we provide re-treatment at 50% off our regular pricing, forever! No booking fees or other minimum charges. Our guarantee provides an entire lifetime of additional treatments at an incredibly low price.

If you feel that additional treatments are needed to achieve heightened results to meet your expectations, we will schedule your appointment at your convenience and at the earliest available appointment.

And that’s how we stand behind our promise to offer the highest value possible – one that we’re so confident in, we’ve named it The Clearstone Advantage.


A Lifetime of Additional Treatments

Simply maintain a regularly-scheduled treatment program in which sessions occur at appropriate intervals as suggested by your laser professional – usually spaced several months apart. Also, avoid tanning 2 weeks prior to each session and immediately post treatment for the body part(s) being freed of unwanted hair. Then, after your 6th or 9th treatment for skin types I-IV or V-VI, respectively, The Clearstone AdvantageSM is automatically initiated for those body parts treated in accordance with these guidelines. If at any time after the initial treatment regimen you’d like to schedule another session, we will schedule your appointment at the very first available time that is most convenient for you.

In addition, the Clearstone Advantage does not apply to treatments received by donated gift certificates, online purchases through third party companies, and is also excluded from our internal sales.


The Clearstone Challenge: Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back!

If you’ve tried laser hair removal elsewhere and weren’t fully satisfied with your results, try us! If you don’t see a difference after the first treatment, we’ll refund your money – guaranteed.

Clearstone makes this promise with the understanding that our customized FDA approved laser hair removal systems produce very controlled energy output with a unique pulse envelope unlike any other system. Using the ideal wavelengths of light to remove unwanted hair, our treatments are safer and more effective than otherwise attainable by competing platforms. We couple our leading laser technology with a highly qualified and experienced team of industry professionals to achieve the optimum balance of destroying unwanted hair while maintaining safety for your skin.

*Individual results may vary.

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