For individuals seeking to maintain a healthy, radiant glow, Clearstone offers it’s very popular, Micropeel.

We combine the benefits of a diamond-tip microdermabrasion combined with liquid enzymes to induce light exfoliation of your dead skin cells, promote healthy cellular turnover and to create a noticeably soft, luminous complexion. This treatment offers no downtime and is the perfect treatment during your lunch break!



Look years younger in minutes!

Benefits of Micropeel

  • Clearstone’s Micropeel is a light, superficial chemical peel treatment that is combined with a Microdermabrasion treatment which penetrate and exfoliate within the pore, safely and effectively.
  • It’s a quick 30-minute gentle peel procedure that greatly improves texture, tone and clarity of the skin.
  • Micropeels can also brighten your complexion, reduce pore size and tighten the elasticity of the skin. Skin has a more radiant glow!
  • Micropeel is excellent for monthly maintenance peels.
  • Available to treat all skin types.


    How does Micropeel treatments work?

    Clearstone’s Micropeel treatments also known as the “lunch time peel” delivers great results with very little downtime. A light, chemical solution is applied on the treatment area stimulating the skin to flake or peel off. It’s combined with a Microdermabrasion treatment to help reduce breakouts, reduce acne, and clear up clogged pores.

    What areas can be treated?

    Micropeel is a treatment mainly for the face. It can also be applied on other areas of the body such as the neck, chest, shoulders, hands, and the back.

    How many treatments will I need?

    Our guests have seen amazing results after having just one treatment! A chemical peel treatment is suitable to receive every 8 to 10 weeks as directed by your aesthetician. We highly recommend a series of 3 to 5 treatments per year, along with proper home care for the maintenance of healthy skin. For maximum results, your aesthetician will create a unique skincare regimen for your skin goals and needs.

    Am I good candidate for chemical peel treatments?

    If you are seeking to combat acne conditions, lighten hyperpigmentation, and improve fine lines and wrinkles, then a Micropeel may be your solution. Clearstone has successfully developed medical-grade and unique anti-aging ingredients by concentrating on improving the damaged surface of the skin, allowing firmer, healthier skin and new collagen to reveal from underneath. Are you ready to enhance your skin? Your aesthetician will perform a full skin evaluation and customize an affordable treatment plan right for your skin goals. Call us at 832-460-4200 for a free consultation today!

    How is the chemical peel procedure performed?

    We will prep the treatment area by applying a facial cleanser and massaging it onto the skin. Once the skin is fully cleansed, then we start with the Microdermabrasion procedure to remove any buildup of debris from dead skin. Afterwards, light chemical peel solution is spread topically over the treatment area. The process can take up to 30 minutes to complete depending on the required treatment and anatomical site. Clearstone will provide you with a complimentary take-home kit of essential products that includes a cleanser, SPF 50, a clarifying peel pads & protectant, and written instructions on how to activate the peeling process. It is imperative to follow the instructions to achieve optimal results.

    What does a Micropeel treatment feel like?

    Our guest report little to no discomfort throughout the course of the treatment. A light stinging sensation and penetration of the peel may feel enhanced and is completely normal. Following your Micropeel, your skin may appear rosy red. Your skin will start to peel the next day and may feel slightly itchy. If you are feeling any discomfort during the peeling process please do not hesitate to contact our office at 832-460-4200.

    How long will it take to recover?

    Your Micropeel treatment is expected to produce light exfoliation to your skin. Your face will appear slightly red immediately after your treatment. The following day, your skin may appear darker in color, feel tighter, and more sensitive. We expect the areas to resolve with continued flaking – which may take up to 10 days. Do not pull or peel the flaking skin from the treated area as hyperpigmentation, scarring, or discoloration will likely result. In addition, hyperpigmented, or darker areas of your skin, will likely “pepper” to the surface – which is not to be mistaken as scar tissue or the occurrence of further darkening of your skin.

    What aftercare plan do I need?

    Your aesthetician will provide post-care treatment instructions, an essential peel kit, and soothing balm to avoid any skin irritation. It is vital that you follow the aftercare plan. Avoid prolonged direct sun exposure, heat, and sweating from exercising until the peeling process has completed. Please keep in mind this may take up to 14 days. You may need several treatments or continue maintenance peels to sustain the improvement in the tone, complexion and laxity of the skin. Remember, consistency is key! It is important that you follow your customized skin care regimen to achieve maximum results. The frequency will depend on the individual’s own genetics, age and lifestyle. For best results and to further enhance your post-treatment, we recommend our wonderful line of Rhonda Allison®, EltaMd®, and SkinBetter Science® medical-grade products.

    Are Micropeel treatments considered safe?

    A Micropeel treatments offers the lightest depth of all chemical peels and is completely safe and effective. Micropeels are packaged individually for each guest and cannot be used more than once, giving you a peace of mind that there’s no risk of cross-contamination. During your consultation, we will advise you on important pre and post treatment considerations along with any risks that may result from chemical exfoliation. Clearstone’s licensed medical aestheticians have performed hundreds of chemical peels with exceptional client satisfaction.

    What key ingredients are used in chemical peels?

    Micropeels are innovative formulas combined with a Microdermabrasion treatment that effectively exfoliate the skin with blends of lactic, absorbic acid (vitamin C), Trichloroacetic acid, retinol, salicylic acids, and oxygenation & detoxifying actives. The powerful ingredients are absorbed into the skin to produce dramatic results for maximum benefits.

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